1. Search for oil and gas

Now, we provide oil and gas exploration services, using the gravity-resonance seismic survey in the USA and Canada. You can make an order by phone or through the form on the website and our couriers will come to you.

To place an order, you need:

  • Describe the order (indicate the location of your land, area, your contacts)

  • Agree on possible prices and terms

  • Meet the courier, sign the contract and ensure operation of the devices.

  • After the work, the courier will come again, pick up the devices, our center will process the data and you will receive a report on the seismic survey conducted by mail (or printed)

Outside of North America and in other countries, we can also search for oil and gas on your order on an individual basis through our partners.

2.Processing and interpretation of seismic data

We provide these services online for any place in the world.

To place an order, you need:

  • Register on our site

  • Select online mathematical methods for processing and interpreting data

  • Agree the offer contract

  • Download data to us

  • Pay for the order

We perform data processing from 2 weeks to 2 months, depending on the volume. After the data processing, you will be able to obtain a detailed report on data processing through your personal account.